In the modern era, it is possible to access services that range from insurance to banking to healthcare information all from your desktop computer or mobile phone. While many new services emerge every year, many have been around long enough that there are now adults who have had access to the internet their entire lives. Is the way that people use services online generational? The answer appears to be that people from a range of age groups go online for services. The surprising revelation in a report from Statista is that, while there is a generational divide in how online services are used, the younger generation is not the one using online services most.

What services are people most likely to use online?

Sending and receiving email was the service that survey respondents most frequently used. About 91% of those over the age of 60 regularly checked email. Those in the 18 to 29 age group were the least likely to use this service, with only 77% reporting email usage. Many people in this age group are more likely to use other digital communication channels, such as texting or social media apps.

Adults between 30 and 59 and those over 60 were also the ones most likely to engage in banking online or to manage other accounts. Another survey from the American Health Information Management Association revealed that four out of five adults use their healthcare provider’s patient portal to access their medical records, make or confirm appointments and to pay bills.

Staying secure when accessing services online

No matter what age group an individual belongs to, proper security measures are always necessary when accessing information online. For instance, when opening links from email, it is vital to ensure that you examine URLs in links closely. Often, phishing scams will use official-looking websites to harvest passwords from unwary surfers.

It is also vital for organizations to ensure that they are protecting client data with the latest security measures and adhering to best practices. As more and more individuals trust online entities to manage sensitive areas of their lives, protecting this data remains of utmost importance.

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