We live in an age of instant gratification. Want something to eat, but don’t want to cook? UberEats or GrubHub can deliver from any restaurant in your area. Want a waffle iron? Amazon has 72 distinct models that can be delivered to your house in with free one-day shipping. Want a new life insurance policy? The company that can offer an instant quote and service is probably the one that will win an individual’s business.

Why Service Is So Important

The digital age means that many of the barriers between a customer and a business no longer exist. In the past, consumers would only have information about a small number of businesses in their area. They had to call each directly to get quotes or to find out about available products. In many cases, business relationships were established only after a business reached out via direct mail, a sales call or a direct face-to-face meeting at a convention or another event.

Today, customers need only open their web browsers to see all of their options. With the dizzying array of choices available, the ones that will distinguish themselves are those who can stand out through excellence.

A business with great customer service gets the benefit of long term customer loyalty. People are more likely to do business with you again if they’ve had a great experience in the past. Additionally, happy customers become ambassadors for your brand. When someone they know puts out a call for recommendations, the brand that offers great service will get valuable endorsements.

How to Offer the Customer Service Modern Consumers Expect

There are many ways to offer the quick and reliable service that is now considered a requirement. Make sure that your social media channels are monitored 24 hours a day. When someone reaches out through those, ensure that their comments get to the right place quickly and that answers are available right away. You can also use live chat on your site to capture people right away. When they can get an instant answer to their questions, they are more likely to choose you instead of moving on to your competitor.

To keep today’s picky consumer, businesses in every niche must be willing to provide what customers need, when they need it. A focus on quick and excellent service can help you stand out and win over your competitors.

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