The change of seasons means that it’s time for students, both young and old, to head back to school. As a result, your clients will be facing risks that are not an issue at other times of the year. Make sure that you and they are prepared for higher insurance risks in these five areas:

  1. Car accident risk from young drivers.

A regular commute to and from school means that younger, higher-risk drivers are on the road more. By being prepared for a higher number of claims, you can help protect your company’s bottom line. Remediation tactics, like discounts for those who have taken safety courses, can help cut down risk from younger drivers.

  1. Property risks in college towns and at public schools.

A large number of young people returning to a college town or going back to a public grade school means an increase in youth-dominated risks such as petty theft and vandalism. Over one-third of the country’s public schools reports at least one act of vandalism each year. While there is a lack of consistency in reports on school vandalism and break-ins, figures from the 1990s put the cost at around $600 million per year.

  1. Personal injury risks on campuses.

It’s simple math: more people in a specific space means that there are more chances for a person to get injured on your client’s property. Help your clients prepare for the influx of traffic and reduce their risk by counseling them about risk mitigation moves. These can include trimming low branches, repairing damaged walkways, and adding reflective tape on steps where trip and fall accidents are most likely to occur.

  1. Sports injury risks.

Back to school means back to afterschool sports. About 1.35 million youths in the U.S. are injured playing sports every year. A tip that can help clients stay safer and avoid injury is using new safety gear.

  1. Risks to pedestrians walking to and from school.

With school in session, more kids are on the road. In areas with early start times, this also means kids are out walking before the sun comes up. Insurers should emphasize safety practices such as using crosswalks and having a good strategy crossing streets at times when it is harder for drivers to see them.

Risks go up when kids go back to school. But, by being aware of what risks are out there and preparing well, you can reduce your exposure and keep citizens safer.

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