Top Trends in Super Yacht Design

Super yachts differ from traditional yachts in that they’re typically much longer and more spacious. … And based on all their bells and whistles, designing a coverage plan for one could get tricky.

Over the years, these unique luxury yachts have undergone numerous changes, and they continue to boast state-of-the-art technology and ever-increasing amenities. Last year saw a significant increase in super yacht purchases from both businesses and individuals, and there are several significant super yacht design trends to watch out for this year. 

Knowing these trends will help prepare you for understanding what new risks you need to look out for so you make sure they’re covered properly.

Higher Quality Materials

The year 2022 has seen a significant increase in the need for sustainability among yacht designers, builders, and customers alike. Super yachts are now being built with longer-lasting materials that are better for the environment, as opposed to unsustainable or toxic materials.

These newer, more eco-friendly materials are often reusable, so when a yacht retires, builders can strip them out and use them in another boat. Builders are replacing hard plastics with wood, which functioned as a traditional boat material for decades.

Unique Interior Designs

The push for more sustainable materials also comes with a greater need to retain the best parts of a classic yacht interior. Luxury yachts are seeing more unique and varied interior designs that blend modernity with tradition. The creative use of glass inside these yachts often coincides with mid-century furnishings and prints dating back to the 1970s, a time when yacht culture first started to become popular. 

New Pool Designs

The exterior deck of a super yacht continues to be the prime location to showcase the pool and allow passengers to soak up the sun, but designers are becoming more willing to provide their clients with new ways to enjoy a swim. The 2021 Monaco Yacht Show featured two super yachts boasting a pool on the beach club, with a dedicated space for swimming hidden from the main deck but still visible from the outside of the boat. This helps separate the pool from the yacht itself, meaning that the pool is no longer the centerpiece of the boat. 

Swimming in an enclosed space can provide additional comfort to yacht passengers while also making parties feel a little more private, which has helped increase the popularity of the pools in the beach club feature. It can also make it easier to build a pool that’s deeper and a little longer. 

Pools in unexpected places onboard yachts are likely to continue as the popularity of interior pools rises. The foredeck is becoming another useful place to position a smaller pool and having a pool in this location can increase privacy and provide passengers with easier access from their cabins.

Changing Layouts

The layout of super yachts continues to change each year, and there’s now a greater emphasis on specificity by yacht clients from around the world. Different lifestyles can mean less formulaic interior designs and greater emphasis on certain features. For example, the Attila of Sanlorenzo Yachts contains a more creative layout than most other super yachts, featuring a dining room on the main deck, a full-beam design on the port, and a passageway to the starboard side of the boat located on the main deck. 

Layouts continue to evolve as the market itself changes, and many yacht designers have made significant changes to the stern area of the yacht due to their clients’ desires to spend their time closer to the water. Many super yachts now have wide-open spaces, making it easier for passengers to soak up the sun and enjoy activities outside of the boat. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many architects have also noticed an increase in requests for open spaces. 

More High-Tech Features

Having the latest high-tech features has become all the rage among super yacht buyers, especially buyers planning to host frequent parties or events. The increasing use of artificial intelligence has made it easier than ever to create unique, immersive onboard experiences. Digital projections help to heighten a certain onboard aesthetic. Enhanced onboard entertainment systems and navigation increase comfort and safety, making it easy to adapt to new conditions at sea. Smartphone technology and onboard apps have also become more intuitive. 

Super yachts are some of the most expensive assets on the market, and their owners often spend a lot to keep them maintained over the years. More often than not, ensuring these impressive pieces of property can be a complex undertaking. Understanding the changing trends in super yacht design can help you better understand the risks you need a policy to cover.

Whether your clients use their yachts for their own personal pleasure or to conduct business, it’s important to make sure that you offer them the right coverage and help them understand the risks involved by partnering with a specialty broker. Our first-rate team at Quaker is ready to help you find the right type of yacht coverage for your clients. We invite you to contact us to get started.

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