Is it time for your New England home to get a face-lift? A home renovation takes a lot of planning and trust to come out right. Keep these tips in mind to make your renovation go smoothly and to end up with results that you want.

  1. Get multiple quotes.

Before you hire a contractor, it’s important to see what others in the area want for the job. You don’t necessarily want the cheapest person; but, you should ask at least three contractors for estimates so that you know what is reasonable.

  1. Do some online research.

Look at review sites like Angie’s List or Google My Business to see what others have said about the contractor you are considering. Talk to friends and neighbors to see who they have worked with in the past and who they recommend. Ask each contractor for references. This way, you know in advance whether this is a contractor who has had problems staying on schedule and budget or if they have many happy customers.

  1. Find out who will be doing the actual labor.

Often, contractors are specialists such as plumbers or carpenters who expanded their business to become general contractors. Find out who your contractor plans to subcontract specialized work to. Inquire whether all the involved companies have the proper licensing and insurance to protect you in case of problems.

  1. Be flexible.

Often, you’ll find that you are not able to get everything you want from an addition or renovation and still stay within your budget. Start by telling contractors what you have to spend and what you want. Together, you can figure out compromises that allow you to get results that make you happy without completely emptying your bank account.

Renovations can improve the livability of your home and sometimes increase your profits when you sell. By going in with plenty of information and with the right attitude, you can make your space better for you and your family.

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