While ice dams are an issue that crops up when the weather gets cold and wet, that is not the ideal time to deal with them. You can do better by preventing the issue before it ever happens instead of playing catch up when you already have ice dams on your home. A few of the reasons to address ice dams now:

  1. Prevention is better than fixing after the fact.

Ice dams can cause leakage into your house and damage to your roof, ceilings, and walls. By addressing the issues that can cause ice dams before they happen, you can save yourself from expensive repairs. It can be stressful dealing with a water damage loss. Save yourself the trouble by making the changes that will prevent it these types of losses in the first place.

  1. Dealing with ice dams can be dangerous.

If an ice dam occurs in the winter, you may have to hire someone to get on the roof and address it or do the work yourself. This can be very dangerous, especially during inclement weather. By fixing issues that can lead to ice dams before the winter starts, you avoid costly repairs. Not to mention, you can stay inside, dry and warm, secure in the knowledge that your roof is sound.

  1. Cut moisture incursions into the house.

Ice dams can cause gaps in the roof where water can intrude. It is possible to find places where moisture has been trapped, leading to mold and mildew damage. Both can cause additional destruction to the home, damage to personal possessions, and can even lead to health problems with chronic exposure.

  1. Insulation saves money, too.

One of the best ways to prevent ice dams is to keep the heat inside your home in the winter. A well-insulated attic won’t just prevent ice dams when winter comes. It will save on heating and cooling costs year round. By keeping your roof from getting warm in the winter, you can avoid the melting that can lead to an ice dam and expensive damage. The savings in heating bills alone can, over time, more than justify the cost of the insulation.

There is still time to get your home ice dam proofed before winter. By dealing with the issue now, you can avoid the rush and avoid having to combat ice dams during our colder season. Get in touch now to learn more about the home improvements that can protect your home from ice dams this winter.

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