Can You Insure That? Our Most Unusual Excess and Surplus Policies

In the world of insurance, it’s not uncommon to seek out property and casualty policies. But what about situations that require coverage for more bizarre items or circumstances? At Quaker Special Risk MA, we’re focused on providing clients with the best coverage, no matter how “outside-the-box” the situation is. Here are a few of the wacky insurance needs we’ve seen this year.

1. New Pedestal Construction of an $83M Mixed-Use Building

This 7-story building with a 360,000 total square foot frame contained 383 multi-family units, a co-working space, fitness center, rooftop terrace, pool, grocery store, retail space, and a parking garage. They came to us for Builders Risk insurance to protect the construction project from property damage and Developer/GC Combo CGL project-specific coverage.

2. Animal Urine Products

Believe it or not, in the U.S. fox and coyote urine are often used as repellents to ward off other animals—including rabbits, moles, possums, and house cats. In this particular case, the client’s animal urine products had no prior coverage. We provided them with product coverage and a $1,500 premium, protecting them from customer lawsuits alleging injury or property damage from the products.

3. Smart Jewelry and Accessories

Smart jewelry, such as rings, watches, and necklaces, that monitor activity and connect to your smartphone are a great way to combine fashion and the latest tech innovations. We supplied one smart jewelry manufacturer with Patent Infringement Defense Coverage to cover costs related to the defense against intellectual property infringement claims.

4. Primary Care and Mental Health Counseling Clinic

This clinic provides services to the transgender community, and as a part of their routine practice, they required a range of coverage needs:

  • General Liability to protect the business from claims of libel or bodily injury.
  • Professional Liability to cover the clinic if it makes a mistake while providing professional services. 
  • D&O, which covers directors and officers of their organization if sued.
  • Abuse & Molestation Coverage for the insured and their employees against alleged, actual, or threatened abuse.

5. Video Game Bar

This client’s video game bar is located in a large sports stadium, which hosts tournaments and has its own YouTube Channel where they produce content onsite. We signed them up for General Liability and Liquor Coverage for general claims of bodily injuries and property damage, as well as claims caused by intoxicated individuals who are served alcohol at the bar.

6. Hot Dog Manufacturer

Did you know that each year Americans consume roughly 20 billion hot dogs? We supplied a national hot dog manufacturer with a $10M limit and $30K premium for site pollution coverage. This covers claims related to pollution released from the manufacturer’s location.

7. Airport Fuel Tank Inspection Service

We provided an airport fuel tank inspection service with Pollution and General Liability Coverage with a $100K premium. This policy covers bodily injury and property damage claims from third parties caused by hazardous waste materials from the company’s operations.

8. Homeowner’s Coverage for a High-Valued Home

A particular client’s home sits on 62 acres and has multiple guest cottages on-premises, as well as rental grounds for high-profile weddings. We supplied them with Homeowner’s Coverage for repairs and replacement of the home and its contents, in the event of damage.

9. Large Vintage Beer Can Collection

The saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rings true when it comes to beer cans. While most beer cans hold no value, vintage beer cans can be valued upwards of $30,000 depending on their quality, rarity, and desirability. We provided a beer can collector with a Monoline Personal Article Floater Policy—stand-alone insurance that covers valuable personal property outside of the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. With a variety of unusual insurance needs out there, Quaker Special Risk MA is here to provide the coverage your clients’ need for peace of mind. Contact us today to see what coverage options are available for professional, commercial, environmental risks, and more.

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