It feels like we just got rid of the cold New England winter, but, coastal property owners should already be looking forward and preparing for hurricane season. The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from July 1st to November 30th. However, major storms can occur outside of these days and put your New England business at risk. To make sure you are ready for the season:

  1. Check Your Risk Insurance Coverage.

Find out what is covered and what is not. You will most likely need separate flood insurance to protect yourself during storms. There may also be requirements for coverage, such as ensuring that your roof is in good repair and that your property has proper drainage. Understanding your coverage in advance makes life much easier if you do ever have to file a storm-related claim.

  1. Inspect Your Roof, Drainage and Other Potential Dangers.

Are your buildings up to the standards of the latest hurricane building codes? Assess any areas that need repair or maintenance before storm season begins.

  1. Trim Trees and Check Landscaping Drainage.

Falling branches and trees can cause damage to your buildings and vehicles and can also present a danger for customers and employees. Have professional tree trimmers visit the property to ensure that there are no dead branches or weakened root systems that could cause a tree to come down.

It’s also important to check drainage throughout the property. Hurricanes can drop 2.4 trillion gallons of water over the affected area during a single day. Make sure your property’s drainage system is free of debris and roots that can keep water from leaving your property.

  1. Develop a Continuity Plan.

What do you plan to do in an emergency? Do you have a plan in place to keep your customers serviced if you experience an extended power outage or damage to your buildings or products? What will you do if key personnel are unable to make it into work for extended periods of time? Create a plan that addresses all possible issues that can come up in a storm and make sure all key personnel have access to a copy.

Storms are not preventable, but excessive losses can be. By making sure that you are prepared, you can keep your customers and the people who work for you safe and keep your business running strong no matter what the 2016 hurricane season throws at you.

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