Tourists flock to New England when the weather warms up. To be prepared, you need to find sufficient staff, get your property ready, and make sure you have the right General Liability, Property and Liquor Liability policies in place to protect your business. To ensure that you are meeting the requirements of your insurance and safeguarding your guests, make sure that these three risks have been considered and accounted for:

  1. Fires

In a restaurant, the kitchen is the buzzing center of your business. And, it is also the place where a fire is most likely to break out. Kitchen fires, without the proper protection equipment, can devastate a business in minutes. Talk to your local fire protection company about kitchen fire suppression systems. There are also local and national requirements that need to be met; make sure that all fire protection equipment is inspected regularly and up to code.

  1. Food Poisoning

If a customer becomes ill because of spoiled or contaminated food in your establishment, you can be held liable. To protect yourself from issues, make sure that you stay up on news of recalls. This way, food that is contaminated before entering your facility is not inadvertently served to guests. Additionally, train staff on safe handling to prevent cross contamination between meats and raw vegetables.

  1. Customer Injuries

Are there places in your facility that are prime territory for a slip and fall accident? Be on the lookout for wet floors, uneven surfaces, hidden steps and drops and other hazards. Before the tourist season begins, address any areas that are likely to result in injuries for your guests. It is also important to train employees in proper spill management. Any spilled liquids should be handled immediately to reduce the chances of a customer falling and becoming injured.

Summer can be the busiest time of year for many businesses. Start your tourist season on the right foot by ensuring that your risks are covered and your business protected from expensive liability issues.

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