Millennials now make up the largest worker demographic in the workplace. In fact, by 2025, three out of four workers will be Millennials. Despite how large and entrenched this group is, many companies are having a hard time attracting and retaining top talent in this age group. To be an appealing workplace means offering perks and advantages that were often less important to other generations. A few of the ways to make a place for them:

  1. Cultivate a collaborative work culture.

In past generations, competition was a huge driver for success. Leader boards and sales challenges would drive workers to try harder and top one another. Millennials, by contrast, prefer a workplace where people are more likely to work together.

  1. Offer flexible schedules when possible.

Both Millennial men and women are more likely to want to carve out schedules that allow them the sort of work-life balance that they desire. When there are jobs that can be done outside of the standard Monday through Friday 9-5 expectations, try adding some flexibility. You may find that candidates are more excited about possibilities like a four day workweek of 10-hour days or the ability to combine time working from the office and from home.

  1. Be a coach and a mentor.

In surveys, many Millennials say that they are looking for places where they can learn from people who are already in the field. They also prefer to work independently without a lot of direct supervision. Make it possible for managers to act as mentors instead of supervisors. This can make for a happier workforce and one that will get more valuable over time as your younger talent gains skills and experience.

  1. Let them know how they are making a difference.

Millennials, in general, are not just looking for a chance to collect a big paycheck. Most also want to know that their work is having a positive impact in the world. By making positive impact a part of your office culture and your business’s mission statement, you can make your business a place where Millennials will be engaged and excited to work.

Many of the things that Millennials value most are somewhat out of sync with what was valued by workers in earlier generations. However, by adapting to this dynamic group, you can create a workplace that is a better fit. Over time, you will find that your Millennial employees are more engaged, more productive and more valuable to your company and its success.

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