A roof replacement is one of the most expensive maintenance tasks homeowners will face. It’s important to make the most of every dollar spent on a new roof. The following roofing materials offer the high quality and durability that will serve you well for many years to come.

Reflective shingles

Also known as cool roofs, these shingles reflect rays from the sun and release heat that would otherwise be absorbed. The result is a cooler home that is more energy efficient.

Chimney caps

Chimney caps don’t just keep rain and wildlife out of your chimney. Airtight caps can also prevent warm air from escaping your home during the winter months. The result is less wasted energy and lower fuel consumption and heating costs.

Gutters with curved hoods

Gutters help direct rainwater so that it does not fall next to your foundation and cause erosion and water damage. However, many gutters can become compromised by materials that fall into them and block the proper flow. These improved gutters let water move freely while preventing leaves and debris from entering and causing blockages.

Eave flashing

These membranes stick and seal around roof fasteners to keep water out. They can be a powerful tool in the prevention of ice dams, which are build-ups of ice that can lead to roof damage and water penetration into yourhome’s interior.

Ridge, gable and soffit vents

Ridge vents aid airflow between the shingles, which helps to cool your attic temperature. Soffit vents release hot air while drawing cool air inside. Gable vents improve the airflow at your roof’s peak. Used together, the result is a cooler home that requires less air conditioning to stay comfortable.

Heat coils

Ideally, a combination of good design and quality insulation should keep heat from escaping your attic in the winter and causing dangerous ice dams. When design flaws are too costly to correct, heat coils or cables can do the job. These cables melt snow so that it will slide off your roof and not become a danger. If ice dams have been a persistent problem and better insulation has not helped, these tools can help reduce the risk of ice dams.

By making the right improvements, you can better protect your home from pest, water and other damage while making it greener and more efficient. You get a longer lasting roof that leads to fewer problems while also enjoying lower electric bills all year long. Before committing to a new roof, talk to your contractor about how these improvements can work for you.

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