At Quaker Special Risk Insurance, we take pride in offering leading edge insurance coverages while providing dedicated personalized service. See why our clients love working with us:

“I have been working with Joshua for a few months now and I have to say I am super impressed! He replies quickly, takes care of our questions, and most importantly – always gives the best service for us and the client. The quality in his service is just above and beyond what we could have expected. Thanks again for taking the time to hear about your employee who makes our agency look great!”

– Ana C. Lemay, Salem Five Insurance

“I just want to let you know how helpful Austin Chamberlain has been on my short term rental property risk. I’ve worked with other wholesale brokers (and was one myself) – he is a fantastic communicator and his response time is outstanding. It’s refreshing to work with someone who really wants to find a solution.”

– Sarah Scott, FBE Insurance Services, Inc.

“I just wanted to give a shout out to Austin and Jose for their quick work on a couple of accounts. Quaker has been getting all of my E&S new business lately. Thanks!”

– Donnie Hills, HUB International New England

“Very helpful, as usual. You guys rock!”

– Pam Medeiros, Benson Young & Downs Insurance Agency, Inc.

“I want to thank you both SO MUCH for the prompt service and excellent quote you have provided. It’s been extremely crazy busy here and again your attention to this makes things a little easier on this end.”

– Christine Duquette, Brown & Brown of NH Inc.

“Mary, I cannot tell you how much I love working with you – you and your team are always so creative when quoting policies and really make sure to do what is best for the client. You are my go-to person!!!”

– Paige Souza, FB Insure

“Once again, thanks for always being so helpful. You’re always my hero with this stuff.”

– Jennifer Duprat, Foley Insurance Group

“Tony, I just want to say it was awesome working with Tim, he is super responsive and easy to work with, we appreciate all of the effort you put into getting this done for us.”

– Cheryl Plawecki, Bouvier Insurance

“Jodie, thanks for your help fixing my CC error. You and Quaker have gone above and beyond in fixing my mistake.”

– Thomas Vocatura, Charles River Insurance

“Thanks for getting this done so quickly, I really appreciate it! You made me look really good to my bosses today.”

– Ann Summerlin,, Durso & Jankowski Insurance Agency LLC

“Wow, that was quick…And, as the saying goes: You are the best and then there’s the rest!”

– Ed Fournier, Knight-Dik Ins. Agency, Inc.

 “I just wanted to let you know the exceptional job Michelle Abasciano has been doing for our office. She is a pleasure to work with and she is my go-to for Professional Liability quotes. In this business we usually only hear the negatives and I believe she deserves to be recognized and acknowledged for the excellent job she is doing. She doesn’t stop until the job is done.”

– Vicky Cox, Ironside Insurance Group, LLC

We continue to utilize Quaker as our primary surplus lines market – you guys have been outstanding and have been responsive to any concerns we have encountered. Thank you again for your great service!” 

– Craig Barry, Royer Camp & Associated Insurance

” I’ll never leave or stop giving business to Quaker!”

– Nancy Z Bender, Bender Hatch Insurance, Inc.

“ Kara, seriously, thank you so much for the hard work you put into this, you really are the best at what you do. You always get it done every time I need something and I just can’t thank you enough for all the push and shove you do for me.”

– Linda St. Don, Roger Keith & Sons Insurance Agency, Inc.

“ It’s always a pleasure working with all of you there at Quaker!”

– Susan Lougee Thomas, Lougee Insurance Agency

“ I wanted to tell you how happy we are working with Quaker. Great outfit and nice people.”

– Andrew P. Wingate, Peter P. Briggs Insurance Agency, Inc.

“ I wanted to let you know what a great job Michelle Abasciano did on a Professional & Cyber Quote for me. She went out to 15 plus markets and found a home for the client with Westchester/Ace. I know this wasn’t an easy one to place either and there wasn’t much time. The insured was thrilled and I am very appreciative because this account could have gone south very fast.”

– Aimee Hill, Cross Insurance – Wakefield, MA

“ You all are the best!”

– Robert S. Reade, William Raveis Insurance

At Quaker Special Risk Insurance, we take pride in offering leading edge insurance coverages while providing dedicated personalized service. See why our clients love working with us:

“ I wanted to let you know that Joshua Carrignant went above and beyond to help us with a client.”

– Beth Murphy, HUB International New England, LLC

“ Thank you so much for this extra research you are sharing with me! Nobody else I’ve talked to has gone through the extra work like you have – I’m very thankful for the information you have provided. You are awesome!!!”

– Germaine Waltz, J. Edward Knight Insurance

“ I gotta tell you that I am incredibly pleased with the service you folks have provided me on this risk. Keep up the great work and we will continue to place business with you!”

– Craig Powers, The W.H. Shaw Insurance Agency

“ I don’t write Surplus Lines policies with any other S/L brokerage. You people have service down to an art! I can’t get this kind of service from any other company.”

– Linda M. Bolte, Bellows-Nichols Insurance

“ I love working with the QSR Team.  Whenever we need something, you always come through for us.  That says a lot!”

– Maureen Lashua, W.T. Phelan & Co. Insurance Agency Inc.

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Amanda Mitchell. She has been a joy (as well as super responsive to my requests) to work with. I don’t know where Quaker finds them but just another super addition to your team.”

– Anthony Keegan, Dwight Rudd Insurance

“I have been working with Austin and I really need to tell you how “Super” he is. I have always liked working with him in the past and am thrilled to be working with him again. While I have great respect for all the people I have dealt with at Quaker, I really need to give Austin some praise. I have been back and forth with him these last two days trying to expedite an account. It has been a crunch for me and I am not that familiar with all the Excess Market routine. He has answered every question with patience and immediately, There was no wait time for me. I asked, he answered. My e-mail box is full of Austin Chamberlain. Thank you Austin for being so knowledgeable, professional, and just being you.”

– Joan M. Carney, Snow & Thomson Insurance Agency

“Dear Phil: First, we wanted to thank you for your help on renewal quotes/new biz, etc.!  Often we may not know who in your office to reach out to but you always seem to make this process so much easier. Next, just wanted to ask that you relay to the folks in commercial lines how much I personally appreciate the quick turn around time on renewal quotes, endorsements, etc.  We have many brokers, (as you know), but Quaker is truly the fastest and most efficient in my opinion.”

– Maggie Mullin, T.S. Peck Insurance

“You’re the best; thanks so much! QSR is literally the best Surplus Lines carrier to work with! I love you guys!”

– Kimberly Onorato, Gencorp Insurance Group