Technology Insurance

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Technology Professional Liability

Technology products and services can be hard to classify.  All of us can relate to problems encountered with the use of new technology whether it is attributable to the product or the user.  While technology problems are now a part of everyday life, claims will continue to arise out of these situations. Learn more about Technology Professional Liability.

Cyber Coverage

In today’s world, millions of businesses transmit and store Personal Identifying Information in their computer databases each and every day.  Whether your insured is a small retail store, a financial services organization, a hospital, a doctor’s office or a law firm—just to name a few—all businesses are obligated to use all available means to safeguard the stored Personal Identifying Information (“PII”), Protected Health Information (“PHI”), and Payment Card Information (“PCI”) of their clients and/or patients. Employers are also required to safeguard their employees’ information contained in personnel files.

In the event of a data breach, the affected company is legally obligated to notify all individuals whose PII, PHI or PCI has been stolen.  The affected company must also undertake a costly forensic investigation in order to determine where their network infrastructure was breached, whether there are any other breaches that have yet to manifest in stolen information, and how to remedy those network security failings.

And cyber attacks aren’t limited to stolen personal information.  Hackers have recently started to attack manufacturers and other types of production facilities that have automated operations systems.   A hack of one of these systems can cause that business to come to a complete standstill.

Learn more about Cyber Coverage.

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