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Quaker is a provider of homeowners coverage offered through A.M. Best “A” rated carriers writing both coastal and high valued homes. The product is offered on an ISO HO-3, and HO-6 for primary, seasonal and secondary homes, including condominiums. Replacement Cost is available and endorsements are available to completely tailor to the needs of the insured. Considerations are also made for in Home Day Cares, Bed & Breakfasts, dog exposures, and in home businesses.

Dwelling Fire

We offer ISO Basic DP-1 and Special DP-3 form for our owner occupied, tenant occupied, seasonal, and vacant dwellings. Our Dwelling Fire quotations are not limited to Property coverage alone, but also give liability and medical payments, too. $500,000 and $1,000,000 liability limits are available. Named Insured can be a Trust, Estate, Limited Partnership, or Family Partnership. Prior losses and coastal exposures are accepted. Replacement Cost is available.

Builder’s Risk

Quaker Special Risk provides coverage for both renovations and new construction. Rental dwellings, primary homes, and secondary homes all qualify for the Course of Construction endorsement, which provides up to $25,000 in Theft coverage.

Primary & Excess Comprehensive Personal Liability

This mono-line product is designed to fill the void where standard Homeowners Liability or Dwelling Fire Liability is hard to find. Primary CPL is available on one to four family dwellings in limits of $100,000, $300,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000. We will consider those with incidental office occupancies and in-home day care with up to 12 children, too. The Excess CPL is available for those who want to increase their primary limits or to meet the minimum requirement of their Personal Umbrella.

Personal Umbrella & Excess Personal Umbrella

We offer programs that can provide personal excess and personal umbrella limits up to $25,000,000 attaching over $300,000 CPL and $250/500/100 for Automobile. This product includes no self-insured retention, offers Personal Injury coverage upon request, as well as Excess Uninsured Motorist coverage. Considerations are made for accounts with prior claims and/or poor driving records (including DUI’s) as well as for high profile risks, such as sports figures, political figures, business personalities, or entertainers. In addition, we will look at underage drivers, older drivers, high performance cars, recreational vehicles, and watercraft. Excess Personal Umbrella is available for applicants who desire higher limits than their umbrella carrier will provide. This product does not limit the number of dwellings owned. Excess limits up to $10,000,000 are available.

Excess Personal Auto Liability & Excess Watercraft

Excess Personal Auto Liability enables applicants to increase their primary limits or meet the minimum requirement of their Personal Umbrella. We will attach this Excess Auto to limits as low as $100/300/50 and can offer limits up to $5,000,000. We will consider motor homes, antique autos, high performance, and high valued vehicles. The Excess Watercraft product enables owners of watercraft up to 75 feet in length and 50 MPH to build their primary limits or to meet the minimum point of attachment of their Personal Umbrella. The minimum underlying limit requirement is $100/300/50 for Excess Watercraft.

Excess Flood and Wind Deductible Buy Back

We have an in house binding facility providing excess flood for commercial as well as personal accounts up to $5,000,000 excess of the NFIP and standard carriers. Higher limits are available upon request. Quaker also underwrites a program specifically geared to reducing the wind and hail deductibles of your personal lines clients that have high wind/hail deductibles due to both location and/or loss experience.

Personal Articles Floaters

Quaker Special Risk provides Personal Inland Marine Coverage for jewelry, furs, fine arts, silverware, and more. Considerations are made for stand-alone floaters in excess of $100,000. Any Personal Articles Schedule under the $100,000 limit can be added to the existing HO-3.

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