How to Mitigate Liquor Liability During the Holidays

Holiday festivities often center around a toast. So, it’s no surprise drunk driving incidents increase this time of year. Whether your clients serve beer, wine, or cocktails, education is the best way to protect them from liquor liability. A comprehensive training program can prepare staff members for this merry time of year, so here are a few tips you can share to avoid liquor liability risks over the holidays.

Notice Signs of Intoxication

While the holidays are a time of joy for many, some people experience loneliness and depression that can lead to excessive drinking. Teaching servers the signs of intoxication can help reduce your liability risk. From inhibited motor skills, like staggering, to slurred speech and red eyes, patrons who have had too much to drink will show subtle signs.

Consider suggesting that establishment owners adopt a “traffic light system” instead of counting drinks to help manage consumption. Use green to indicate no impairment, yellow for moody customers who are drinking quickly, and red for inebriated customers.

How to Handle Intoxicated Customers

Alcohol server training also includes managing intoxicated customers or those who appear at risk of becoming so. For example, servers should engage in conversation frequently, offer food items off the menu, or provide slower service to give patrons more time between refills. In addition, staff must know their restaurant’s policy for denying service and always remain polite and calm while removing over-served guests.

If an incident does occur, recommend the clients’ servers complete an incident report, particularly if it involves a minor. This step helps reduce liability in the event of an alcohol-related incident. Serving children will result in hefty fines and other serious consequences, including criminal or civil penalties.

To protect your clients’ liquor liability risks over the holiday, it’s vital that they obtain a liquor liability insurance policy. Contact us for a quote. We offer competitive rates so restaurant owners can relax and prosper knowing they’re protected.

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