The start of a new year is the perfect time to add healthy habits into your life. About 40% of US adults make some sort of New Year’s Resolution every year. Not sure where to start with a positive life change that can yield some healthy dividends? Consider any of the following new habits:

  1. Do some strength training once a week.

A vague commitment to exercise more is often not enough to keep us motivated and committed. Instead, make a specific commitment to add a half hour of strength training once a week. Why strength training? Lifting weights and other strength exercises help build stronger bones, frames, and prevent injury as we get older.

  1. Get regular check-ups.

Under most insurance plans, preventative care is free. You should have one physical a year and two dental check-ups. Your doctor may recommend other tests to make sure there are no silent health problems lurking. Regular check-ups can help you catch potential problems before they do actual harm. Make those appointments today to get and stay in good health.

  1. Eat breakfast every morning.

When you skip breakfast, you are more likely to eat unhealthy snacks later on. Eating within 90 minutes of waking-up will help prevent snacking, and give you more energy for the day. Pick out foods that have good amounts of protein and fiber.

  1. Get to bed at a reasonable time.

How often do you sit down to look at emails or the news before bed, then suddenly discover you’ve been online for hours? Do you fall into the habit of streaming just one more episode of a favorite show? More and more adults are getting inadequate sleep because of a completely voluntary type of insomnia. The result is impaired concentration, more trouble maintaining stable moods, and wear on your immune system. Instead of falling into the up-all-night trap, set a gentle alarm on your phone to warn you when it’s time to start getting ready for bed. A stable bedtime means additional and better sleep every night.

Each of these are an inexpensive, and simple to maintain habits. Adding these little changes can provide big benefits. By making these commitments now, you can enjoy better health all year long.

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