Umbrella and Excess Insurance

Umbrella and Excess Insurance

Whether you are looking for a $1MM Excess GL or a $100MM Umbrella, Quaker has the markets and personnel to help you get the limits you need on all of your risks. Here is what our Umbrella/Excess program has to offer:

• Job specific Excess/Umbrella
• Monoline Excess GL/EL/AL
• Several in-house carriers with up to $10MM limits
• Ability to add Umbrella/Excess to a Package
• Unlimited capacity in brokerage markets
• Follow-form available
• Ability to write over claims made or occurrence forms

Examples of classes we write:
• Apartment Complexes
• Commercial &Residential
• Contractors Equipment Rentals
• Habitational
• Hotels
• “Main Street” business
• Non-profit organizations
• Offices
• Owners Interest – construction
• Public Entities
• Real Estate Management
• Restaurants
• Self Storage Facilities
• Strip Malls
• Trade Contractors
• Wholesalers/Distributors/Importers
• Manufacturing:Amusement Devices, Auto Parts,Chemicals, Toys, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Safety Equipment, Cosmetics, Industrial Equipment

Information needed to quote:
• Acord 125 (applicant information) and Acord 131 (Umbrella/Excess section)
• Signed application including any supplements used for primary policies
• 5 years of underlying loss runs
• Underlying carrier, premium and limits

Our access to numerous markets and the ability to access large limits allows us to have a virtually unlimited capacity when it comes to providing umbrella quotes.