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6 Factors to Consider Before Renting Your Property During The Winter Season

When you are away for the season, it makes sense to make your unoccupied property work for you. To ensure rental income is a net positive instead of a liability, make sure you take these considerations into account: Is your home in good condition for renting? Any needed repairs and updates should be in place […]

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What’s the Real Problem with Ransomware?

When hackers successfully encrypt the computers of a large public company, the media pays attention.   In 2016, around $1 billion in ransomware payments were paid, over four times as much as was paid the year before. It’s likely that 2017 will see an even higher number.  There is no doubt that ransomware demands will continue […]

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Are You Protecting Your Vacant Properties?

Properties become vacant or unoccupied for a number of reasons…Tenants move out, elderly owners pass away, prior owners list the homes for sale, etc. The number of vacancies tends to increase as the economy gets tougher as well. Whether it is a large commercial building or a small single-family dwelling, being aware of the potential […]

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